Delicious Plant-Centric Foods Made Fresh to Order and Delivered to your door.

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Well balanced restaurant quality meals delivered and ready for you to heat and enjoy at your convenience. Delectable Soups, Salads, Main Courses, Sides and Weekend Specials. Our Seasonal plant-centric menus allow us to support small local farms and vendors while takingadvantage of the freshest ingredients.


Our distinctive handcrafted spice blends and soup mixes are inspired by flavors from around the world. Order today and add some to your favorite dishes for an extra burst of seasoning or use them as a base to create your own signature dishes.


Our goal is to always surpass expectations with everything we do. Whether it’s Intimate personal catering, cooking classes, demonstrations or edible displays, everything is done with the same personal touch and unmatched attention to detail.

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We are currently delivering 2 days a week to ‘most of Long Island and Queens’. Check our menu page for details on available dates and delivery options. Let us bring it home to you.

We offer a unique and distinct range of services. Once you see or taste something we create you won’t soon forget us. Please reach out and let us know how we can be of service to you.

2 Happy Hippies

Cook Good Food, Spread Good Vibes

We are 2 Happy Hippies and we make positively awesome eats!

We take a plant-centric approach to our food and our products. We don’t like to label our beliefs or philosophies about food in any one way because that’s just not what we’re about. We take a wholistic approach to cooking with balance and variety and we respect everyone’s lifestyle and dietary choices.

This Plant-Centric viewpoint simply means the main focus of everything we do is centered around nutrient-dense, plant based foods, but we do not exclude or eliminate using honey, dairy or meat products when requested by our clients.

Our core customers tend to be people who care about the foods they eat and the impact it has on them and the environment. We help by preparing delicious, nutrient dense whole foods prepared with generous amounts of love and good intent to nurture body, mind & spirit.

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