My name is Rich League. I’ve spent the past 30 odd years running kitchens of all sizes throughout New York and in that time, I believe I have proven my ability to consistently deliver top quality culinary offerings with a sense of professionalism and integrity. I’m quite passionate about pretty much everything and I’ve got a deep love for life, my family and my craft.

Following a near death experience and emergency open heart surgery, I made a conscious decision to try to slow down and spend whatever time I may have left living in the moment and appreciating just being here. It is my sincere hope that the energy I put into everything I create will be received with the same spirit of Love and good intent.

Hi I’m Judy Croce. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit and I try to approach life with a care-free attitude and genuine optimistic enthusiasm. My journey has often found me working with the public and making people feel comfortable that eventually morphed into me running a business of my own. 

After a series of life altering events that almost caused me to lose everything, I decided I just wanted to do my own thing and be happy. Making the world around me a happier place is important to me, and my vision for 2 Happy Hippies is for it to grow into a vehicle where I can spread good vibes and inspire everyone I meet.

Judy and I met in the Summer of 2020 and became fast friends whose quirky personalities and desire for companionship meshed well together.

It was during a sunset picnic dinner at a local beach here in New York where the kernel for this whole thing came to be. I experienced a moment of pure bliss over a hot cup of tea and expressed my desire to Judy of wanting only more of this type of joy in my life. As crazy as it sounds, we  stopped and acknowledged the sacredness of that soulful moment and made a conscious decision on the spot that we both wanted to spend all of our time living in the moment.

By merging our unique gifts and skill sets with a desire of spreading good vibes our core philosophy was born. Our goal with 2 Happy Hippies is to offer unique and memorable plant-centric cookery using locally sourced clean ingredients while producing incredible foods and products that are all designed to nurture body, mind and spirit. We truly believe that every moment matters and we Love you All.


Thanks for stopping by.